Wrap Around Gallery

Wrap Around Gallery

Diane, In My Own Style

Easily create a gallery wall anywhere in your home by hanging frames horizontally around the room. Swap out the artwork or pictures with the season for a whole new look.

Materials needed:

  • Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

    – Wall Frames with matte included (maximum weight 16lbs each)

    – Colored and patterned scrapbook paper

    – Transparent tape

    – Scissors

    – Rubbing alcohol

    – Bubble level

    – Yardstick

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • 1. You will need enough frames to go around a room or corner of a room. I lined my frames up along the floor first to figure out how many I would need and the spacing between each. Clean back of frames and wall area where you will be hanging the frames with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry.

  • Step 1
  • 2. Remove matte from frame. Cut desired patterns from scrapbook paper a bit larger than matte opening. Use tape to attach the scrapbook paper to the back of the matte. Place matte back into frame.

  • Step 2
  • 3. For each frame you will need two sets of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. To make a set, simply attach two strips together as shown. Attach one set of the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to the left side of the back of the frame and another set to the right side of the back of the frame.

  • Step 3
  • 4. Clean the wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry. Then, begin hanging the frames. Use a bubble level to ensure the frames are straight. Remove the green liner from the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, and place the bottom of the frame against the yardstick. Then press it into place on the wall firmly for 30 seconds. I spaced mine 1-inch apart and used the measurement markings on the yardstick to easily figure this out.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Remove the frame from the wall by slowly pulling the frame from the bottom and pulling straight towards you. Wait one hour to mount the frames, make sure to press the fasteners together until they click. Repeat with the rest of the frames.

  • Step 5
  • 6. Carefully remove yardstick by holding on the bottom and angle up and away from wall. To remove frames, grab at the bottom corners and pull up towards you. Then to remove the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, slowly pull down on the tab, stretching it straight along the wall. Do not pull out, but along the wall.

  • Step 6
  • 7. Keep pulling at least 12 inches until strip releases from wall. Again, follow package instructions for complete removal technique.

  • Step 7
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