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Different kinds of Command™ hooks used to hang items such as keys and headphone

How to Apply Command™ Hooks

Instructions on how to install or remove Command™ wall hooks

Command™ Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and weight limits.

How to Apply and Remove Command™ Hooks

A step-by-step walkthrough of the proper way to use Command™ Wall Hooks so they'll hold strong. For Command™ Clear Hook instructions, click here.

Video instruction on how to stick stuff on wall with Command™

Easy to Apply

Key tips to know before applying Command™ Hooks:

  • Wait 28 days after painting before use.
  • Do not hang over beds or put on wallpaper.
  • Do not hang valuable or irreplaceable items or framed pictures.
  • Use Indoor Hooks between 10°C - 40.5°C.
  • Apply Outdoor Hooks between -9.4°C to 51.6°C. Holds -28.8°C to 51.6°C.
  • Step 1 of how to hang Command™ hooks: wipe wall with rubbing alcohol

    Wipe wall with rubbing alcohol. Do not use household cleaners or water, as they can leave slippery residue.

  • Step 2 of Command™ hooks instructions: separate strips, remove red liner and press adhesive to hook

    Separate strips. Remove red liner. Press adhesive to hook.

  • Step 3 of how to use wall hangers: remove black liner and press hook to wall for 30 seconds

    Remove black liner. Press hook firmly to wall for 30 seconds. If you can see the tab of the strip, you are all done! Wait one hour before use. If not, complete steps four to six.

  • Step 4 of how to apply Command™ hooks: reinforce strip by removing hook

    To reinforce strip, temporarily remove hook from wall. Slide hook up and off base.

  • Step 5 of how to use 3M wall hooks: press base firmly for 30 seconds

    Press base firmly for 30 seconds.

  • Step 6 of how to use adhesive wall hooks

    Slide hook back on. Wait one hour for adhesive to build.

Easy to Remove

Learn the proper way to get your Command™ Hooks off the wall. Key tip: stretch straight down, slowly.

Video showing how to remove wall hooks
  • Step 1 of how to remove heavy duty adhesive hooks from wall

    For two-piece hooks: Slide hook up and off.
    For one-piece hooks: go to step two.

  • Step 2 of removing sticky hooks from wall: hold hook or mounting base in place

    Gently hold hook or mounting base in place.

  • Step 3 of removing Command™ hooks: stretch strip slowly against the wall

    Never pull away from wall. Stretch the strip slowly against the wall (at least 15 inches/38 cm) to release.

Which surfaces do Command™ Hooks stick to?

  • Command™ Hooks hold strongly to a variety of surfaces: painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, metal, painted drywall and other smooth surfaces.

Types of surfaces where Command™ Hooks can stick
  • Do not use Command™ Products on textured walls or surfaces, wallpaper, brick, rough or non-stick surfaces, or fabrics.

Command™ strips cannot be used on brick and other textured surfaces

utensils and artwork hung on a kitchen wall using Command™ picture strips and hanging hooks

How to Use Command™ Strips and Hooks

Command™ adhesive holds strongly to a variety of surfaces including wood, tile and glass as well as solid, hollow and painted walls. View our step-by-step instructions for other Command™ products.