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  • picture frames and artworks displayed using command wall hanging hooks
Command™ Clear Utensil Hooks
Command™ Clear Utensil Hooks

Holds up to 225 g. Works on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as finished wood, tile, metal, and glass. Ideal for discreet hanging and decorating. (We also recommend Command™ Small Wire Hook)

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Command™ Medium Designer Hooks
Command™ Medium Designer Hooks

Holds up to 1.3 kg. Holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile, and more. Ideal for organising and decorating in and around the home and office. (We also recommend Command™ Medium Utility Hook)

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Command™ Medium Metal Hook
Command™ Medium Metal Hook

Holds up to 1.3 kg. Works on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as finished wood, tile, metal, and glass. Ideal for organising and decorating in and around the home and office.(We also recommend Command™ Medium Utility Hook)

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Command™ Jumbo Quartz Hook
Command™ Jumbo Quartz Hook

Holds up to 3.4 kg. Easy to hang - no tools required! Works on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as painted Gyprock, finished wood, tile, metal, and glass. (We also recommend Command™ Jumbo Utility Hook)

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Command™ Picture Hanging Strips
Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Forget about nails, screws and tacks, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are fast and easy to hang – no more holes to worry about! Strips ‘snap’ and lock together, providing a secure strong hold.

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Must-Have Wall Hooks for Your Home

Wall hooks have become essential in every home to get rid of clutter. Handbags taking precious space on the floor? Hang them up. Got tangled necklaces on your dresser or jackets strewn on the sofa? Use hooks to stash them away.

Not only can hooks organise an assortment of items—from kitchen utensils to bath towels—they are space-saving and space-maximising, too. All you need is a wall or an available vertical space.

That’s why wall hooks have become indispensable, especially in tighter spaces like closets or smaller rooms.They’re also easy-to-install (most of them require no drilling!), affordable, and come in different materials and finishes.

What to consider when buying wall hooks for hanging

  • Now’s the good part—shopping for hooks. Here are some things to consider before choosing from the different types of hanging hooks:

    How to Apply. Ensure your wall hooks are easy to apply—preferably without nailing or drilling (especially if you’re renting!). Check your wall surfaces as well—most adhesive hooks work best on smooth surfaces.

    Where to Hang. Do you already know where to hang your wall hooks? Think of the unused vertical spaces in your home: doors, back of your closet, bathroom walls, entryways.

    How Do the Hooks Look. Do you need something basic, or do you want your hooks to carry a certain look, so they match your space? Pick one that suits your style.

    What are the Hooks for. Most importantly, you need to figure out what the hooks will hold—and if they’re strong enough to carry the weight of your items. The last thing you want is your hook cracking and breaking away from the wall the moment you hang something.

    It's best if you have a set of hooks that fulfil multiple purposes and can be used in different rooms. What are the different kinds of wall hooks you should own? Check out the list below.

Types of wall hanging hooks for your home

  • home wall hangers for items in the kitchen such as pots, pans, and utensils
  • Utility Hooks

    Ideal for: Entryways, kitchens, storage or utility rooms, bedrooms, home office

    Utility hooks can serve as coat hooks, utensil hooks, door hooks, bag hooks, clothing hooks, storage hooks—whew, talk about multipurpose! These general-purpose hooks are must-haves because they’re great for organising small household items, such as belts, keys, or even electrical cords. Get these items off the floor and off your desk, and hang them stat.

    What we recommend:

  • Decorative wall home hooks by the vanity dresser
  • Decorative Hooks

    Ideal for: living rooms, bedrooms, entryways

    Wall hooks can be fancy, too! Get wall hooks that also double as a wall décor or complement your decor. From stylish hooks in brushed metal finish for your statement-making pieces, to dainty spring clips for your photographs and other paper mementos, these decorative hooks look best in your entryway, living room, or bedroom.

    What we recommend:

  • Clear hooks used for decorating banners and balloons
  • Clear Hooks

    Ideal for: Living rooms, bedrooms, event areas

    Got an upcoming party? Want to jazz up your space with fairy lights? Then what you need are clear hooks; they’re lightweight and perfect for hanging banners, string lights, and other festive ornaments. And if you’re picky about hooks and just want them discreet, then these are must-haves for you, too!

    What we recommend:

Reclaim unused space at home and start organising with wall hooks. There are many ways to use them, and many types of hanging hooks to fit your needs. You can even use these hooks not just for organisation and storage, but for DIY projects, too!

Want to know more about Command™ wall hooks? For more product information, click on any of these links: How to Use, How to Choose, Where to Buy, and FAQs.

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    Command™ hooks used for hanging pots and pans in the kitchen
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