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how to use

how to use

Command™ Décor Damage-Free Wall Tiles give you complete freedom. Freedom from nail holes, freedom to create your own look and freedom to change it up as often as you please.

step 1: hang the base

  • prep wall

    Start by cleaning the surface of your wall with rubbing alcohol. Let dry. Then separate the Command® Strips.

  • place strip

    Next, press one strip against the back of the base until you hear it lock. Then remove the liner from the back of the strip.

  • position base

    Now position the base on your wall using the built-in level as a guide. Make sure you press firmly against the center of the base for 30 seconds!

  • remove base

    Grab the bottom corners of the base and peel it away from the wall — do not pull it straight off! The strip will remain on the wall.

  • press strip

    Now press FIRMLY on all three areas of the strip for 30 seconds. Wait one hour.

  • press base

    Reposition the base over the strip. Press the center of the base firmly until you hear it lock into the strip.

step 2: add a front

  • place the front

    The fronts magnetically attach to the base. Simply center the front on the base and release.

  • change the front

    Fronts can be easily removed by lifting from one edge.

  • switch or rotate

    The Command™ Décor base works with all fronts. Switch them out or rotate the designs to create unique arrangments.


product review

"the whole system is a great
idea that's been executed well"

All in all the whole system is a great idea that's
been executed well. Flexible, customizable, easy
to remove or reposition, sturdy but lightweight
construction, expandable, attractive prints...
This gets a big thumbs up!
– Amazon Customer Review